About Us

We aren’t just travel content specialists and curators of stories from across the globe. Each of us at FireStorm Internet (TheBettervacation.com is our main brand) is a traveler at heart, having walked in your shoes for miles together.

Yes, we understand your pain points, struggles, disappointments, and the fact that you might have turned back (we’ve been there, too) just because an attraction’s queue was too long or you bought the wrong ticket!

And that is why ‘TheBetterVacation’.

From the best time to visit an attraction to the sights around the site, to tickets that give you a bang for your buck, to what’s inside and around an attraction, to the best restaurants to sate your hunger cravings, to what’s the convenient way to reach from point A to point B, you ask us, and we’ve got them answers all ready for you!

Our end goal is not just to be your better vacation experts but also your ultimate vacation curators. We’re striving to become leaders in travel content and making steady progress toward that goal. 

Until then, dive into our online travel guides, uncover a myriad of places you’d want to visit, book your tickets, pack your bags, and make the most of your holiday this season. Bon voyage!

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