Lights on the High Roller

LINQ High Roller illuminates at sunset and remains lit until the early morning hours.

During the ‘Lights at The Linq’ show, the massive observation wheel lights up 2,000 LED lights to music in a fantastic display of color.

The wheel takes on representative colors during special days such as St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Fourth of July, etc.

Before entering the Las Vegas High Roller, you can also see the LINQ casino water show outside – when the music starts playing, colorful lights turn on in the water fountain.

Which tickets to buy to see the lights

If you plan to see the Linq High Roller all lit up, you must buy the regular anytime tickets or the Happy Hour tickets, in which case your cabin will come with an open bar. 

Anytime tickets help you board the High Roller after dark, which is when both the High Roller and the whole of Las Vegas are lit up.

With the Happy Hour tickets, you can visit the attraction anytime during the open hours. 

When to visit to see the lights

To see Las Vegas all lit up from High Roller, you must start your Ferris Wheel ride after dark.

So it is best to go between 8 pm and 11.30 pm when the last ride of the day starts.

Some tourists time their presence at the top of High Roller when the Bellagio fountains take off below.

The colorful Bellagio Fountains look beautiful when it is dark, and your High Roller pod reaches the top. 

Bellagio Fountains shows are scheduled every 30 minutes till 8 pm, after which they happen every 15 minutes till midnight. 

Design philosophy: The guidelines for the lighting design were to keep it simple and beautiful, matching the moving parts of the structure. Unlike many flashy lights in Las Vegas, the design for the High Roller was not to look like a carnival.

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