High Roller Las Vegas Tickets

Linq High Roller is an excellent way to see 360-degree views of Las Vegas.

Visitors can relax in an air-conditioned cabin and enjoy the sights of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding areas from the world’s tallest observation wheel.

High Roller Las Vegas has 28 air-conditioned cabins, each can hold 40 guests.

You can book the standard High Roller ticket or the Happy Hour ticket, which will get you a cabin with a bar, bartender, and unlimited drinks.

Linq High Roller Las Vegas
Standard Daytime Ticket
Cheapest and most popular High Roller ticket.
/ person
What to expect
30 mins in the air
Timing: 12 pm to 4.59 pm
Fantastic Las Vegas views
No drinks in cabin
Standard Anytime Ticket
You can visit anytime – even during sunset hours.
/ person
What to expect
30 mins in the air
Timing: 12 pm to 11.30 pm
Fantastic Las Vegas views
No drinks in cabin
Happy Hour Ticket
Get a cabin with bartender & unlimited drinks. Get drunk with Vegas views.
/ person
What to expect
30 minutes in the air
Timing: 12 pm to 11.30 pm
Unlimited drinks
360 degree views of Vegas
Only for 21+ visitors
Ticket Cost

The daytime High Roller Las Vegas tickets cost $37 for all visitors 13 years and older and $16 for kids aged four to 12. 

The Anytime High Roller tickets, also known as the Nighttime Tickets, cost $49 for 13+ visitors and $25 for kids aged four to 12. Select Your Ticket

Kids aged three and under can enjoy the High Roller Linq for free.

The High Roller Happy Hour tickets cost $90 for all visitors older than 21 years.  

Know before buying tickets
  • There are no height restrictions for riders, making it a family-friendly attraction.
  • Once you purchase online, the High Roller tickets get emailed to you—no need to take a printout. On the day of your visit, you can show the tickets on your smartphone and board the High Roller capsule.
  • Online admission tickets for the High Roller are valid for three days—the day you selected while booking them and up to two days after.
  • Guests younger than 21 are not allowed in the Happy Hour cabins because they have an open bar.
  • Las Vegas locals can get up to 20% off High Roller tickets if they show their Nevada ID at the box office.

Cancellation Policy

This experience is non-refundable and cannot be changed for any reason. If you cancel or request a change, the payment will not be reimbursed.

Good weather is essential for the High Roller to work. In case of cancellation due to adverse weather, you will be offered an alternative date or a full refund.

Opening Hours

High Roller in Las Vegas opens at 12 pm and closes at midnight every day of the week.

If you plan to visit between 2 pm to 4.59 pm, you must book the daytime hours ticket. If you are going up on Las Vegas’ observation wheel after 5 pm, you must opt for the nighttime ticket.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit High Roller is just before sunset, because you can see Las Vegas splashed with nature’s colorful light. The High Roller takes 30 minutes for one rotation, which means you must board the observation wheel 15-20 minutes before sunset. Sunset times

Some tourists also time their presence at the top of High Roller, for when the Bellagio fountains take off below. When it is dark, and your High Roller pod reaches the top, the colorful Bellagio Fountains look beautiful. Bellagio Fountains shows are scheduled every 30 minutes till 8 pm, after which they happen every 15 minutes till midnight. 

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled ride time.

Which High Roller ticket is best for you?

Choosing the right tickets for the High Roller, the world’s second-tallest observation wheel, depends on several factors, including your budget, the experience you’re looking for, and the time of day you plan to visit.

Family enjoys views from High Roller
If you are on a budget, a family or want to avoid the crowd
Go for: Daytime ticket
Time in cabin: 30 minutes
Visit time: 12 pm to 4.59 pm
/ person
This ticket is perfect if you are on a budget, have a big family, or are interested in Vegas’s daytime views. Large groups prefer this ticket since it’s the cheapest way to explore High Roller. Between 12 pm and 4.59 pm, the High Roller is less crowded, and you can enjoy a more relaxed ride.
High Roller at night
If you want flexibility of timing or want to visit during sunset
Go for: Anytime ticket
Time in cabin: 30 minutes
Visit time: 12 pm to 11.30 pm
/ person
With the Anytime ticket you can choose between two distinct experiences—daytime views showcase the vast desert and iconic landmarks, or the nighttime views which come with dazzling lights of the Strip. You can even time your visit to coincide with the sunset so you can see Las Vegas painted in bright colors.
Friends enjoy High Roller's Open Bar
If you are a group of friends and want to get drunk
Go for: Happy Hour ticket
Visit time: 12 pm to 11.30 pm
Age restriction: 21+ only
/ person
Happy Hour tickets are perfect for groups and social travelers. If you want to get drunk, this ticket is ideal because it comes with a cabin featuring an open bar, a bartender, and unlimited drinks. It is more economical than purchasing drinks separately at bars. The combination of the stunning night views of Vegas and the open bar is difficult to replicate.

Insider Tip! For the best photos from High Roller Las Vegas, aim for times when the sun is not directly in front of you, as this can affect visibility and photo quality. On very hot days, an evening ride might be more comfortable. Similarly, clear days offer better daytime views.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions tourists ask before booking their visit to the High Roller in Las Vegas.

While guests can get their High Roller tickets at the venue, purchasing them online can help avoid up to 15 minutes of waiting at the ticket counter queue. During peak times, waiting time can go up to 30 minutes.

Yes, tickets for the Las Vegas Ferris Wheel are available at the venue’s Box office. However, due to high demand, the popular timeslots may sell out, so it’s better to get them online in advance.

Visitors can present their tickets on mobile devices, but printed tickets are also accepted at the High Roller’s entrance.

When booking your tickets, you must select either the daytime or night tickets. Daytime ticket holders can arrive at the High Roller entrance between 12 pm and 4.59 pm, while night ticket holders can visit anytime between 5 pm and 11.30 pm.

If you arrive after the time slot mentioned on your ticket, you will be considered a no-show. No refunds or reschedules will be issued for no-shows and late arrivals.

At Vegas’s Ferris wheel, children three years old and younger can enter for free—they don’t need to buy tickets. All visitors four years old and above require a paid ticket to access the wheel.

Residents of Nevada can avail of a 20% discount on tickets for the High Roller Observation Wheel at the box office. They must present a valid Nevada ID. This price reduction for the locals is not available online.

High Roller has a strict non-refundable ticket policy. This means that once you purchase tickets, you cannot receive a refund regardless of the reason for cancellation or no-show. This policy applies to all ticket types, including adult, child, and discounted tickets.

Going up on Las Vegas’ Wheel requires good weather. If it’s canceled due to poor weather, you’ll be offered a different date or a full refund.

Linq High Roller ticket includes a 30-minute ride on the Observation Wheel, offering fantastic views of downtown Las Vegas and Las Vegas Valley in every direction. The Happy Hour ticket includes unlimited alcohol and cocktails for 30 minutes. 

If you book the Linq High Roller Happy Hour ticket, you get 30 minutes in the Happy Hour Cabins, with an open bar, bartender, and unlimited drinks. The regular High Roller Las Vegas tickets don’t come with free drinks.

Yes, all cabins of Las Vegas’ Observation Wheel are air-conditioned.

If you’re staying at the Linq Hotel, you can check in at the reception for discounted tickets. If you visit during the off-season, you may even get a free High Roller ride.

The ride on the High Roller at The LINQ in Las Vegas lasts 30 minutes, offering a complete rotation to savor the panoramic views of the city. However, guests should allocate an hour for the overall experience, accounting for the time needed to board and disembark from the wheel.

The Las Vegas Observation Wheel moves slowly—at the speed of one foot per second—during its 30-minute run. It never stops, and guests board and depart the cabins as the wheel moves at this gentle speed.

Both Go City All-Inclusive Pass and Las Vegas Explorer Pass include access to the High Roller. 

Photo Gallery: Sneak-a-Peak

Check out some photos of the Las Vegas’ High Roller experience.
Entrance of High Roller - World's largest Wheel
Cabin of High Roller Las Vegas
High Roller Happy Hour
Linq High Roller in Las Vegas
High Roller cabin from inside
Two women and a kid enjoy views from High Roller

Reviews of High Roller at the Linq

Reviews about High Roller

Las Vegas Linq High Roller is a highly-rated tourist attraction.

On Tripadvisor, it is rated 4.5/5, and visitors especially raved about the pod and its smooth ride. Even people who were afraid of heights were able to experience it.

Tourists loved the Happy Hour. Both visiting at night and during the day are popular among visitors.

Most tourists love seeing the Bellagio fountains, the Eiffel Tower, and the Las Vegas Strip once they go up on the Ferris Wheel.

Wow what a view!
Go near sunset! The view with the pinks and orange sunset in the distance and then darkness falling and all the lights of the strip coming alive was awe-inspiring. The cars are so large, and the ride so slow and smooth that it’s not scary at all.

Formyjoy, North Carolina

Great view, nice price
We came just before midnight. Few people, very smooth experience and a great view over the strip. Beautiful City lights in the night. Next time, daytime – could be even greater, maybe.

Klaus, Austria