Inside High Roller in Las Vegas


The High Roller in Las Vegas has two kinds of cabins – the standard cabin and the Happy Hour cabin, which comes with an Open Bar. 

When you book the cheaper and more popular regular High Roller tickets, you get the standard cabin and the Happy Hour tickets get you the pod with the Open Bar and unlimited drinks. Select Your Ticket

While both the High Roller cabins are similar, the experience inside them is different. 

What’s common for all cabins

Each cabin measures 225-square-foot (20.9 m2) and can hold 40 people. However, the pod with Open Bar has a limit of 25 passengers. 

All Linq High Roller cabins have massive glass all around, offering the best views possible in all directions. 

The Las Vegas Ferris Wheel’s cabins are big enough for people to walk around and see the city’s skylines from all directions. 

If the passengers prefer to sit, there are seats as well.

All pods of the High Roller are climate controlled for year-round comfort.

Even though they are spacious, the Linq High Roller cabins don’t have restrooms.

To see how the insides of a regular cabin look, check out this video:

(if in a hurry, jump to 7 minutes 30 seconds of the video)

Inside the Open Bar of High Roller

The Happy Hour Cabins of High Roller have an Open Bar, which is why they have an upper limit of only 25 passengers. 

A bartender tends the bar and serves beer, hard liquor, and cocktails of your choice. 

These cabins also have benches for you to sit and relax. 

Watch the video below to get a sense of what to expect during a ride in a Happy Hour cabin. 

(if in a hurry, jump to 1 minute 45 seconds of the video)

Insider Tip: Outside beverages are allowed on the High Roller, but glass, coolers, and cases are not permitted.

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